India must respond to the allegations of “election interference”: Mundhu

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Mohamed Hussain Shareef (Mundhu), the  Vice President of the PPM has called upon India to respond to the allegations that they aided the current government in winning the 2018 Presidential Elections.


The former Maldivian Ambassador to Sri Lanka said this, while commenting about President Mohamed Nasheed’s comments about Indian officials and diplomats.

Mundhu said that interference into the Maldivian elections by another country is a huge crime which is banned in various other countries across the globe as well. He said that if India did influence the election of 2018, it was an undemocratic move which goes against the established international norms and values.

Thus he called upon India to respond to the allegations.

Following the stance of his party, Mundhu said that the 2018 election wad rigged. He also directly criticized President Nasheed, saying that a comment  by the speaker of the parliament regarding a domestic matter of India would be reflected as the viewpoint of the whole Maldives. 

“This would change the perception Indians have about Maldivians”, said Mundhu.

President Nasheed had said in an interview that no one had anticipated that the current government would win the 2018 Presidential election. He said that everyone thought that it would be heavily rigged and that the opposition of that time would not have a chance of winning the election.

However, he said that India did not see it as such and that their officials and diplomats were at it.

“They knew that they can create a small window. They were very very clever”, he said while referring to the Indian officials and diplomats.

President Nasheed also said that India didn’t do what the opposition had asked them to do but that they did other things which brought the opposition victory in the elections.




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