Speaker Nasheed gave the order to brutally assault opposition MP Ahmed Shiyam - Opposition

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Progressive-Congress Coalition, which is currently the opposition alliance in the Maldives has called for a full Police inquiry to identify all the perpertators in today earlu morning's brutal asaault in the Parliament chamber on opposition MP of Naifaru Constituency Ahmed Shiyam.


In a statement issued, Progressive-Congress Coalition said that supported by video evidence of the chaotic scenes that unfolded during the Parliament session to revise the Constitution, opposition MPs recalled that it was none other than Speaker Mohamed Nasheed who ordered the Parliament's Sergeant at Arms and his fellow ruling MDP MPs to brutally assault MP Shiyam.

“The attack on MP Shiyam by dozens of ruling party MPs involved punching him to the ground and kicking him repeatedly”, said the opposition in their statement.

They said that other opposition MPs were also attacked as they went to their colleague's aid. MP Shiyam was rushed to the hospital, where he recieved treatment for his injuries.

It is notable that after aiding their injured colleague, opposition MPs then made their way to the Headquarters of the Maldives Police Service to lodge a formal complaint.

Furthermore, the opposition had accused the Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed of deliberately denying their MPs access to the Parliament Chamber.

“Opposition MPs were unable to return to the session, after the Speaker proceded to bolt the doors of the chambers. The session was continued without opposition MPs.”, said opposition in their statement.

Speaking to the press, the Minority Leader of Parliament and Leader of the Parliamentary Group of the opposition PPM-PMC alliance, MP Ahmed Saleem said that this is not the first time that the Maldivian people have witnessed Speaker Nasheed's dark side.

“His rage was reminiscent of the scenes outside the Headquarters of the MNDF in the hours leading up to his resignation as President on 7th February, 2012, when he was filmed barking orders to the army to attack the protesting Police officials in Republic Square.", said MP Saleem.

He said that Parliamentary rules of procedure do allow the Speaker to name MPs and to direct the Sergeant at Arms to escort MPs out of the chamber.

"Violence cannot be justified, even in Parliament. Brutally assaulting an MP for criticising the government and speaking against a motion is proof of the ruling party's heavy handed tactics and abuse of power. Beating up one of only nine opposition MPs in a house of 85 is not a show of strength, but a confession of dwindling public support and desperation by a regime clinging onto power by despotism.", said the Minority Leader.




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