Maldives to send back 1500 Bangladeshi expatriates in the country

- 4 weeks ago 0 Muallim Ibrahim -

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has revealed that efforts are underway to send back 1500 Bangladeshi expatriates living in the Maldives.


This decision was revealed by him this evening while addressing the nation regarding the latest updates of COVID-19 situation of the country.

In relation to the spread of the virus in the Maldives, he noted that it had spread the most within foreigners who live in crowded conditions. He said that this poses many difficulties in controlling the outbreak, with the government undertaking multiple efforts to find a solution for the crisis.

President Solih noted that temporary living facilities with better conditions are being prepared for expatriates living in crowded conditions. These facilities will be located at Gulhifalhu, Hulhumalè and Vilivaru. An estimated amount of 3000 expatriates will be moved to these facilities in the first round, said President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

He also revealed that discussions are underway with the Government of Bangladesh to send back 1500 of its citizens currently living in the Maldives. The efforts to send these people back is scheduled to begin next week.

President Solih said that out that the problem of expatriates in the Maldives living in the Maldives did not arise overnight, pointing out that there are those who brought the expatriates to the Maldives.