Maldivians aid the poor at time of crisis

- 8 months ago 0 Shafraz AH -

Dozens of Maldivians have sponsored the relief packages in the ongoing With Love 2020 pandemic relief campaign initiated by International Aid Campaign (IAC). 


According to International Aid Campaign, this campaign has gained numerous support by Maldivian citizens. Up until today, the campaign has got a total donation of MVR 827,171.18. IAC highlights the fact that Maldivians have shown the spirit of humbleness even at a time of crisis.

According to IAC, food packages were distributed in 3 different regions. 

The regions being Uganda, Gaza of Palestine and the refugees lodged near the border of Turkey. 

A total of 100 families of Uganda were provided with a necessity food package and a hygiene pack which will last till the month of Ramadan. 

Moreover, 100 Syrian families exiled near the border of turkey were provided with the charity food packages that will last a month. 

IAC also mentions the fact that they have distributed food packages for 100 needy families of Gaza for the holy month of Ramadan. 

Other than Uganda, Palestine and Syria, International Aid Campaign intends to distribute the charity food packages to Rohingya Refugees and needy families of Nepal and Yemen through this campaign.

IAC have reported that, With Love 2020 Campaign will be conducted from the 1st of April till the 19th of May. 

The main focus of this year’s campaign is the pandemic situation of Covid-19, hence each family will be provided with sufficient food along with hygiene pack as a basic supply to stay safe and clean from the contagious virus. 

According to IAC, a total donation of 60 dollars will provide a family of 6 with necessary food items along with a hygiene pack for a month.

International Aid Campaign have been releasing latest photos and videos of the distribution in their official Facebook page. 

The NGO has opened the opportunity to donate via their account number 7770000026259. 

 To get more information of this project, interested individuals can contact their Hotline Number 9122121.

Other than With Love 2020 Pandemic Relief Campaign, IAC have organized various campaign across the globe. 

The latest of these projects were the distribution of Tuna cans in association with their main International Partner IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation. 

Tuna cans were distributed near the border of Turkey, children of the school Initiated by IAC in Syria named as Alooka School and also to other needy people.