Maldivian media acts in a detrimental manner towards democracy: MP Ikram

- 1 month ago 0 Muallim Ibrahim -

MP of Dhiggaru Constituency, Ikram Hassan has spoken against Maldivian media outlets, claiming that they act in a manner which is detrimental towards the growing democracy of the Maldives.


He said this while speaking at the last sitting of the People’s Majlis which was held to bring an amendment to the Constitution of the Maldives. This amendment was brought forward as per legal advice from the Supreme Court, regarding the extension of the term of current local councils. 

Before the vote for this amendment took place, chaos unfolded in the parliament chamber when MP Ahmed Shiyam of PPM refused to leave despite instructions from the Speaker of the Parliament. He was asked to leave on the grounds that he was obstructing the proceedings of the Parliament.

Video footage from inside the chamber showed MPs from the ruling MDP trying to remove MP Shiyam from the chamber. PPM claims that he was severely injured in the process.

After the chaos got resolved, MP Hassan Ikram got a chance to speak regarding the constitutional amendment brought forward. In his speech he expressed concerns regarding the conduct of MP Shiyam, saying that it cannot be acceptable at all.

Furthermore, MP Ikram expressed his dissatisfaction about how Media would potentially cover what unfolded inside the chamber a while back. He said that the issue would come to the attention of Media and they would take interviews of MP Shiyam in a very “irresponsible manner”. Ikram said that it should not be how things should happen at all in a growing democracy.

“What should happen in a growing democracy is that this should be condemned and must be shown (by media) that he has no value. If media does not act like this, this country will not improve”, said MP Ikram.