Island President, Nasheed speaks in support of GulhiFalhu land reclamation

- 1 month ago 0 Muallim Ibrahim -

Speaker of the Parliament and Former President Mohamed Nasheed has spoken out in support of the ongoing land reclamation efforts near Gulhifalhu area to develop a port.


He spoke in support of the much criticized project yesterday in a tweet.

President Nasheed said that the Parliament and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is recommending new and stronger measures to protect the coral reefs near the ongoing dredging work in Gulhi Falhu. 

He said that he believes that the government would accept the measures recommended by the Parliament and EPA.

“The Gulhi Falhu work is important & brings many benefits. But it can’t be allowed to destroy local reefs”, said President Nasheed. In another tweet done in Dhivehi, he noted that development projects often have a negative impact upon the environment. 

However, he mentioned that land reclamation efforts are needed near Malè to provide an alternative living space for many and to lessen the crowding impact on the city. It is notable that many locals and environmentalists has expressed concerns regarding the ongoing dredging efforts near Gulhi Falhu, arguing that it is causing irreversible damages to the rich eco-system there. 

Many individuals including figures from the opposition  has also raised a point that the development of a port could also be done in Thilafushi which is closer to Malé City.